Advanced Wireless and Managed Solutions

Assessments and Design

  • Security and Surveillance Assessments
  • Power & Cooling Assessments
  • Optimization & Virtualization Assessments
  • Network Modernization Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Storage Consolidation Assessments

Campus and Public Safety

GMC TEK provides

  • Campus Security
  • Security Design
  • Camera Surveillance With License and Facial Recognition
  • Emergency Phones
  • Access Control
  • Intercoms
  • Two-Way Radios and Pagers
  • Code Blue

Fire & Life Safety

  • Smoke and Fire Detection
  • Sprinkler Supervision
  • Emergency Communications
  • Mass Notification
  • Staff and Patient Duress


We bring Value Proposition for Multi-Carrier DAS to VA Hospitals in multiple ways:

Patient Satisfaction

  • High-quality cellular network coverage, no matter what carrier
  • Higher patient satisfaction scores, plus better reviews by Veterans families and caregivers


  • National Standardization of mobility capabilities
  • Decrease one-off coverage in facilities where single-carrier DAS have been installed


  • Mobility cost reduction
  • DAS Solutions offered currently on Networx Contract

Clinical Innovation

  • Significant Enhancement to mobile technology innovation and adoption
  • Removes poor cellular coverage or a single carrier barrier to clinical innovation
  • Enhancements in Location-based Services

Patient Safety

  • FirstNet integration for Federal Hospitals and grounds within Municipalities
  • Opt-in states have option to have direct communication with State & Local responders

Technical Innovation

  • System-built forward-thinking with a Path to 5G
  • 24/7 support and Remote monitoring for a Quality System

GMC TEK + AT&T + TTS = DAS Solutions allow for customization, phased approach to fit VA budget requirements

For more information, check out our PDF

Data Center

GMC TEK provides business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualization, and cloud solutions by using proven data center solutions. We have experience in superior scaleability, simplified management, and streamlined operations.

We do all of this with less risk and lower costs.

Our portfolio of integrated infrastructure and service solutions delivers consistent, highly secure, and reliable business results.

What GMC TEK can do in the Data Center:

  • Virtualization
  • Consolidation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Backup, Recovery and Archiving
  • Life-Cycle Management
  • Physical Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Planning
  • Power and Energy Assessments
  • Software and Hardware Solutions
  • Storage Optimization
  • Professional Services

HealthCare Technology Solutions

  • Scheduling Tools Interactive
  • Health Coaching
  • Remote Learning
  • Medical Media Retention
  • Workstations on Wheels (WOW)
  • Computers on Wheels (COW)
  • Remote patient monitoring

Information Technology

  • Wireless & Mobility
  • Unified Communication
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Rugged Computing
  • Strategy and Assessment Services
  • Design and Integration Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Center Management
  • Network and Asset Management

Software-Defined Access

The Vision of SDA

Automation (reduced deployment time)

Mobility (any device, anywhere)

Segmentation (reduced exploit vectors)

Why SDA (Clinical Solutions Platform)

Veterans Affairs continues to expand its transition from legacy analog clinical devices to a modern digital model. Legacy analog clinical devices, i.e., a stethoscope, are usually limited to one user at a time and do not allow for the gathering and automating of telemetry information. The digital healthcare model that Veterans Affairs is building requires the digitization of clinical devices so that the valuable data that drives insights and improves outcomes can be harnessed by Big Data and analytic solutions.

These devices are directly related to patient care and safety. Additionally, many of these digital devices are mission-critical and are highly integrated into the VA’s business-critical application, VISTA. iPads, Phones, RFID tags, digital medical imaging, etc., are examples of components that drive up clinical density, have unique security requirements, expose various vulnerability vectors, and require a robust data network.

Digital Clinical Device Challenges

VA Biomed and VHA organizations strive to provide America’s former warfighters with the latest, most effective, and most cost-efficient medical devices available. However, there can be significant delays in working through internal processes to ensure that the integrity of the VA’s network is not compromised. Not only does the current manual process of configuring the VA’s data network prolong the deployment process, but it can also introduce interruptions in service if a medical device needs to be moved from one location to another within the medical center.

There is currently a lack of visibility within the network, which hampers troubleshooting and assessing solution performance. Restoration of clinical solution degradation could be improved if the network provided specific information to help determine exactly when and where the issue is occurring.

Clinical Solutions Platform

Automatic and secure network provisioning for clinical devices. Truly hassle-free device mobility. Rapid solution deployment. Cisco’s Clinical Solutions Platform accelerates the VA’s transition from a legacy analog-centric model to a modernized digital-centric model. Clinical solutions can be securely and rapidly deployed on a network platform that was designed for seamless device mobility, both wired and wireless. By moving away from a manually configured network and toward an automated network, the VA can spend less time deploying solutions so that it can focus on driving patient outcomes and serving America’s deserving veterans.

  • Implement automatic and secure network provisioning for clinical devices.
  • Ensure hassle-free device mobility by transitioning to a modernized digital-centric model.
  • Focus on rapid solution deployment to improve patient outcomes and serve veterans effectively.

Staff Augmentation

At GMC TEK, we’re proud to help our clients navigate some of their most pressing challenges. From finding one person to help on a specific project to building up an entire team, our Staff Augmentation can help find the right people for the job.

Our extensive network allows our team to keep a pulse on the current market, stay up-to-date with current trends, and find top talent, which is often not accessible through standard job postings. Whether our clients need short-term interim solutions or support finding qualified candidates for permanent positions, GMC TEK can offer solutions for nearly every type of staffing challenge.

  • Software Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Testers / Analysts
  • Activation and Project Management
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Doctors / Nurses


  • Prepare for and respond to in-demand and disruptive innovations effectively.
  • Explore the Hot 100 list for popular courses offered by GMC TEK.
  • Begin your journey by selecting a course or training program that aligns with your goals and interests.

The Hottest Skills for the Latest Tech

There’s no limit to what you, your team, and your organization can do with the latest technologies. You have the power to make internal processes hum with efficiency, design user-friendly experiences, and serve customers better and faster. But how can you prepare

How can we respond to the many in-demand and disruptive innovations, when technology is only as powerful as the people trained to use it?

That’s where we come in.

The Hot 100

At GMC TEK, we have so many options when it comes to courses, learning services, and training delivery formats that it can be hard to know where to begin. To help you get started, we’ve compiled our Hot 100 list, made up of our most popular courses.

Whether you’re leading a new initiative or pursuing a certification, we develop people into technology powerhouses.

Check out our complete list by clicking below


  • Effortless Navigation
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings
  • Engaged Users, Happy Users
  • Smart & Adaptable
  • Beyond Navigation

Effortless Navigation: Digital wayfinding provides a user-friendly experience with interactive maps, real-time directions, and various search options. It makes navigating complex spaces a breeze.

Efficiency & Cost Savings: Optimized routes save time and minimize wasted effort. Digital systems also reduce reliance on physical signage and staff for directions, leading to cost savings.

Engaged Users, Happy Users: Interactive features, personalization options, and accessibility tools keep users engaged and ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Smart & Adaptable: Real-time updates keep users informed, while data analysis helps improve wayfinding systems. Scalable solutions adapt to different environments and user needs.

Beyond Navigation: Digital wayfinding goes beyond directions. It promotes sustainability, assists during emergencies, and offers branding and advertising opportunities.

In summary, digital wayfinding enhances the navigation experience, saves time and costs, and fosters engagement and inclusivity in various environments. If you have any more questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

Check out how GMC TEK, Cisco and Mazmaps can help your facility with Wayfinding.

Navigating a Pandemic: How MazeMap Can Help Hospitals


Wireless Networks

GMC TEK provides advanced wireless, mobility capabilities and managed services to our customers. We do this without interfering with established infrastructure and security.

Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA)

Today, leading companies are faced with providing network access for their customers, partners, vendors, contractors and other visitors. This expanded network access enables higher productivity, improved collaboration, and better service; however, it necessitates that a guest access policy be established to address increased network usage and security issues.

By implementing Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA), companies can control network access, eliminate ad-hoc IT support requirements, track guest network usage, and securely separate guest traffic from internal resources.

The need for guest access has evolved. Today, with laptops, networked applications, and digital phone lines, a visiting guest's effectiveness is severely limited without continued access to these technologies.

Benefits of Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA)

Improve security and privacy

The primary advantage of deploying Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) is the increased security it offers. By segregating the network in this manner, you can control who has access to your company's network of computers, servers, storage appliances and printers. This is crucial since sophisticated Trojans and malware can use a visitors’ laptop or mobile device as a launch pad to probe or attack machines on your network.

Increase convenience and Patient Experience

Technology has influenced changes in modern lifestyles. However, some things have remained constant: human interaction and a sense of communal belonging. Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) provides greater lines of communication whether it’s through social media, gaming, video chat, and email.

Network usage

A Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) network also lets you limit the Internet resources available to visitors. Instead of allocating guests the same priority in bandwidth, it makes sense to restrict the guest network to a speed that offers reasonable access without affecting the network performance available to your employees.

Veteran's Guest Internet Access